Orthotics are devices that are placed in shoes or on the foot to create a change in pressure distribution, foot/leg mechanics or a
combination of both. On making your appointment please mention that you are coming in for Orthotics so a double appointment can be made for this assessment




This involves seeing you walking on the treadmill (dynamic gait analysis) followed by non weight bearing and weight bearing range of motion assessments and measurements. This information is then used to determine the most suitable orthotic prescription for your needs.




Moulds are then taken of both feet. These are sent off to the lab for your custom made orthotics to be made in accordance with your personal prescription.




An appointment will be made for around a weeks time for you to come in to fit and collect your new orthotics.

A 1 month follow up appointment is made then another review appointment is made for 3 months time, this is to make sure they are fitting correctly and to monitor the resolution of your symptoms.